LOCAL RULES (Revised JULY 2021)


a) Beyond all fences and any line of white stakes defining the boundary of the course.

b) On or over the road on the left of the 9th hole.

c) The reservoir and driving range area in the centre of the course, as defined by the

white stakes on the right of the 6th hole and the left of the 15th hole and 16th hole.

d) Beyond the white posts on the right side of the 10th hole, denoting Internal Out of


Please note that when playing the 18th hole, the Out of Bounds markers along the

right side of the fairway are deemed Immovable Obstructions.

NOTE: Objects defining Out of Bounds are not obstructions and are deemed to be fixed;

consequently, there is NO FREE RELIEF without penalty from them.


Penalty Areas are indicated by Red stakes.

When both stakes and lines are used, the stakes identify the Penalty Area and the line

defines the margin.

Ponds/Ditches – Where such Penalty Areas are marked only by Red stakes, they are deemed

to indicate the Penalty Area, not define the margin. The margin is defined by the break of

the ground into the pond/ditch.

13th hole – As an extra relief option for the Penalty Area situated to the back right of the

green only – adding one penalty stroke – a player may drop a ball in the dropping zone

situated to the right of the Penalty Area. A sign marks the dropping zone and the relief area

is within one club length from the sign. The dropping zone is a relief area under Rule 14.3.

14th hole – If a ball comes to rest in the Penalty Area in front of the green, a ball may be

played – adding one penalty stroke - from the dropping zone (a matted area to the right of

the path) under Rule 14.3.

15th hole – The sleepers supporting the Penalty Area to the front and left side of the green

are deemed to be within the Penalty Area and the edge of the Penalty Area is defined by the

course-side edge of these sleepers. Therefore, a ball resting against them is in the Penalty

Area and the player does not have free relief from them.

However, if the ball is not touching the edge of the sleepers, it is NOT in the Penalty Area

and a player may take free relief if they have interference under Rule 16.1.

NOTE: (1) A ball is in a Penalty Area when it lies on or touches the ground or anything else

(such as a natural or artificial object) inside the edge of the Penalty Area.

(2) Relief without penalty is NOT available from Immovable Obstructions or other

Abnormal Course Conditions when the ball lies in a Penalty Area.


This includes Immovable Obstructions and Ground under Repair.

a) Pump houses and associated pipe work.

b) Roads, Pathways, Bridges, etc.

All pathways, parts of bridges which lie outside the margin of Penalty Areas, internal fences,

course markers and course furniture (including inspection chambers) from which free relief

is available under Rule 16.1.

c) Sprinkler Heads

When a ball lies in the General Area, interference also exists if a sprinkler head is:

on the player’s line of play, is within two club-lengths of the putting green AND is within

two club-lengths of the ball.

d) All Unhealed Drainage Channels

An unhealed drainage channel is any depression, gully or remnants of drainage work which

has not fully grassed over.

e) Ground under Repair areas are marked by white lines and/or hoops and/or ropes. Free

relief may be taken when a ball rests in such an area under Rule 16.1.


Relief from Wrong Greens (Rule 13.1f) also includes the apron/fringe of Wrong Greens. Free

relief MUST be taken under Rule 16.1b.


Relief MUST be taken WITHOUT PENALTY from interference by any No Play Zone.

No Play Zones are indicated by:

a) Areas marked with blue stakes.

b) Young Trees – If a young tree (defined by a supporting stake and/or less than two driver

lengths in height) interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing.


(As posted in the Clubhouse - Revised November 2022)

These Local Rules should be read in conjunction with any Temporary Local Rules which may

be applicable.

Unless otherwise determined by a Rule of Golf – Breach of a Local Rule is GENERAL


Stroke Play – 2 strokes

Match Play – Loss of hole


All cultivated areas around trees (other than young trees as defined in the Local Rules) are in play,

whether they have been recently transplanted or not.

The area of eucalyptus trees on the right of the 15th hole is in play. The path worn by greenkeeping

staff in this area is to be treated as GUR until a decision is made on its future use.